Enclosure PMRO 6

CODE: P800261

Groupe de produits: Types de armoires


Dimensions (WxDxH): 840mm x 235mm x 1100mm
Material: SMC
IP class: IP54
IK class: IK10
Appliance class: Class II
Flame-retardant: V0
Color: RAL 7035

Multipurpose modular enclosure made of reinforced glass-fiber polyester. The composition of polyester materials and the construction design of modular elements enable the strength of the materials to be resistant to mechanical impacts, UV radiation, temperature alternations, non-flammability and dielectric strength of the enclosures.
The enclosure can be used for measuring points, industry, lighting, automation, etc. It is possible to use in environments such as dry, humid, exterior, interior, environment characterized by acid vapors, etc. Installation of the enclosure may be done on the pillar (pole), on the wall, in the wall, on the concrete base and in the ground.
The cabinet does not require maintenance.
The enclosure may be delivered wired or non-wired as per request by Client.